Who We Serve

We have experience working with a wide range of Fortune 100 companies and industry leaders.

Hotels and Lodging

Creating an unsurpassed experience for guests. Reducing your carbon footprint. Adding to your bottom line. A smart hotel is simply a smart idea. Hotel properties benefit greatly from our automation designs. Save money through improved energy management and enhance your guest’s experience at the same time.

Let your guests relax and feel pampered with smart technologies that exceed their expectations. Awe your patrons with next-generation hospitality technology such as digital Do Not Disturb signs, one-touch guest services requests, and even video intercom calls to the concierge – right from their room’s touch screen! With our design, your guests can instantly change their environment to suit their mood without even getting out of bed. Lighting, climate, shades, and more can all be selected and adjusted on the user-friendly touch screen interface. Guests have full customizable control over high-quality, high-resolution streaming video and audio, so a cinematic theater experience in the bedroom can coexist with a dance party in the living room. Give your guests an experience to remember.

Restaurant & Bar

Managing numerous TVs on different channels in a sports bar or restaurant is complicated. Modern Architech makes it easy for your team to control the AV system and lights.

Play HD video from a variety of sources on multiple TVs and control them all from one simple interface. Automate lighting and climate control systems to save energy. Turn on the building in one touch and make “Closing” time easy by powering down everything with one button.

Fitness & Spa

Fitness centers often have several TVs and audio systems playing, along with lights, climate, and security systems. Take control and keep your focus on the guest experience with our design solutions.

Control channels of all TVs from anywhere in the gym. Access music from any source in any room, so every instructor can tune into their class favorites. Send HD video from any source to any screen in the building. Program the pool, hot tub, and sauna to conserve water and energy. Turn everything off and arm the security system with a single touch.


Doctors and dentists have discovered the benefits of automation with systems that deliver comfort and convenience to patients and staff and meet the WELL Building Standard™ (WELL). Automate tunable white lighting and climate control to save energy and improve patient comfort alonside practitioner needs. Program lighting scenes according to procedural requirements. Use an integrated intercom system to stay in touch with nurses and patients at all times. With simple controls, manage interactive, kid-friendly entertainment in waiting rooms and give patients power over their entertainment during recovery. Modern Architech is HIPPA certified and has significant experience desiging systems for medical and technical use.

Government & Military

Perhaps more than anyone, the government and military should have the most efficient and secure communication systems. Things change minute-to-minute, and it’s important to be able to stay up-to-date. Our video streaming technology can help you talk face-to-face, saving time and cost while maintaining proper confidentiality. We offer a range of audio and visual technologies for command centers, meeting rooms, or briefing rooms that can be used for federal, state and local government as well as the military.


It is important to teach children using the newest technologies to help them prepare for today’s society. Even from a young age it is important to incorporate technology in education, and using the right equipment can help enhance a child’s experience, whether helping gifted students accelerate or getting struggling students back on track. We can build easy-to-use systems to integrate iPads, Smart Boards, projection systems, and interactive online sites. We also provide technologies to keep students safe at school, including customized security and intercom systems. We specialize in K-12, higher education, and distance learning.

House of Worship

Using technology like projectors, digital displays and wireless and hands-free sound systems, you can make sure everyone is engaged and excited to hear what you have to say. Connect all elements in one easy-to-use system, including wireless microphones, podium microphones, and amplification for vocalists and musicians.